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QA Software Testing

Ocius Technologies presents exceptional QA testing services to meet the implicit and explicit demands of your products ensuring seamless process quality and successful results.

Quality Assurance Services


SaaS Testing

QA saas testing enhances user experience and reduces support issues.

Web Testing

Monitors compatibility with browsers, accessibility, performance, speed, search engine rank, traffic handling, and cybersecurity of the website for running a successful online business.

App Testing

App QA testing evaluates its quality, by end-to-end testing for proper downloading, functioning, usability and UI/UX stability to make an app immaculate.

eCommerce Testing

Examines user experience, responsiveness, data security, load time, secure transaction.

Ocius Technologies provides expertise Quality Assurance Testing Services to ensure accurate functionality of Mobile and Desktop Applications, and website performance on varied gadgets. Our focus is to thoroughly validate every aspect of the products to minimize its defects, by cutting-edge processes which include re-running of functional and non-functional tests to check bugs or breaks in a new code and penetration testing to fix security gaps by both automated and manual process.

Our Services

QA Testing Solutions


Manual Testing

Manual testing involves the meticulous examination of software functionality and user interface to identify issues or defects manually.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is the use of technology to run pre-written tests on software, reducing time and effort while increasing accuracy and reliability.

Performance Testing

Performance testing involves evaluating software performance under different circumstances, making sure it performs well under high volume or stress.

Our Work

We have helped our clients reduce infrastructure costs, enhance scalability, and improve operational efficiency with cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions. Our approach to each project is collaborative and customized, ensuring optimal alignment with each client’s unique business objectives.

With our comprehensive Cloud Integration & Cost Optimization services, we can help organizations unlock the full potential of cloud technologies, streamline their operations, and drive their business growth forward.


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Free Trial

We provide you assistance for 20 working hours without any charges.

Testing Plan

Workout and deliver a complete testing plan for your app/product.

Money back

Guaranteed money back in case you are dissatisfied with our services.


Yes. No matter how many designers and programmers are working on your project, your project manager will, in most cases, be your only contact person, as well as the one who makes sure that you get what you want.

Cost for each website depends upon the number of features you want to add to your website, the number of pages, design effects, and complexity. Though the cost can never become a compromising issue against quality work, still we have managed to provide unmatched software solutions, content management, and SEO services in a very affordable range. You just contact us to experience what wonders we can make on your investment.

After we have completed and optimized your website, we will manually and properly submit it to all the major search engines.

Basically, we need to know what you need.
Please use the Request for quote form to share your requirements and specifications with us. Tell us what you need.

As soon as we have received your information, we will review it and respond to you shortly. Please be as detailed as possible.


What Our Clients Say

All startup groups should get a consultation from your marketers prior to opening a business

Sam Smith

Sales Manager

My team is the best team in its niche. Subscribe to one of our plans and see it for yourself!

David Lee


Effective results with minimum efforts are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your consultations!

John Lewis


Awesome! I love how easy it is to work on an art project with your team! The outcome is always amazing!

Lisa Brown


Effective results with minimum efforts from clients are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your professional consultations for our project!

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

What a great experience! I have visited one of the workshops and attended a masterclass, and both were super useful for young designers. Highly recommended.

Peter Parker

Designer, CEO
QA Software Testing - Ocius Technologies