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We help global leaders.

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Who We Are

Ocius Technologies

Ocius Technologies is a group of passionate and experienced professionals who strive to provide innovative products and reliable professional services to business enterprises worldwide. With a core competence in creating and deploying cost-effective capabilities using an offshore-centric business model, our team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Our Services

Ocius Technologies Google Marketing Platform
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Firestore
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud BigQuery
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Dataflow
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Bigtable
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud SQL
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud
Tools Integration services

Excellent Integrations

Ocius’s customers include the start-ups as well as large enterprises, who realize that they need a partner who can understand their domain, provide them with the flexibility, agility and delivers the product or service using the most cutting edge technologies.

Ocius Technologies is a highly focused and established software product and services company.

Our Certificates

ISO/IEC 27017:2015 (Information technology – Security techniques) & Maturity Level 3 Based on Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement ver 1.3

This Certificate is applicable to the following product or service changes:

Web and Mobile apps development along with other information technologies enabled services, like development, training, distribution, and marketing

what we do

We develop & create digital future.

We deliver state-of-the-art technology based services to customers globally in the domain of engineering and scientific software development. Over a period of time we created a niche for ourselves.


Software Development Services

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Mobile Application

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Web Designing

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Integrating Business Systems with Google Tools

Ocius Technologies Cloud BigQuery
Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Firestore
Ocius Technologies Dataflow
Ocius Technologies Cloud SQL
Ocius Technologies Big Table
Ocius Technologies Google Marketing Platform

Achievements & Awards


What Our Clients Say

All startup groups should get a consultation from your marketers prior to opening a business

Sam Smith

Sales Manager

My team is the best team in its niche. Subscribe to one of our plans and see it for yourself!

David Lee


Effective results with minimum efforts are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your consultations!

John Lewis


Awesome! I love how easy it is to work on an art project with your team! The outcome is always amazing!

Lisa Brown


Effective results with minimum efforts from clients are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your professional consultations for our project!

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

What a great experience! I have visited one of the workshops and attended a masterclass, and both were super useful for young designers. Highly recommended.

Peter Parker

Designer, CEO

Branding, websites and digital experiences, crafted with love, intelligence, precision and

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