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Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Storage


Google Cloud Storage, an object storage solution and part of the Google Cloud suite of products, can be used by companies and developers. As Google describes it, Cloud Storage can provide:

  • Security for your data against outage
  • Deliver content and back up data
  • Help you customize both how and where you store your data
  • Object Lifestyle Management, managing costs and performance

Some clients consider alternatives such as Google Drive, Firebase, and Amazon Glacier. However, Cloud Storage’s scalability, ease of use, and consistency.

Use Case

Cloud Storage can be used in different ways, whether it be for storing movies and images, data backups, analytics, or machine learning.

The Broad Institute and Cloud Storage

The Broad Institute, an organization that studies the human genome to better understand diseases and contribute to research on cures, decided to switch from their own computers and storage to leverage Cloud Storage instead.

After implementing the Google Cloud solution, The Broad Institute was able to view billions of base pairs of genetic material, ensure security of human genome data, and analyze the genome data 400% faster than before.

Let us Help

The team at Ocius Technologie is experienced with Google Cloud Storage and supporting our clients with the tool. We have:

  • Contributed to development, documentation, and code samples for Google Cloud products, including Cloud Storage
  • Helped clients find the right storage solution for their needs
  • Improved businesses’ storage performance and security