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Ocius Technologies Google Cloud AutoML


Google denotes that Google Cloud Spanner is fully managed relational database that is consistent with unlimited scale. Benefits include the ability to:

  • Easy to use interface, even for those not experienced with machine learning
  • Fast performance and accurate predictions
  • Research backed technology
  • Strong training data to help model accuracy

Other auto machine learning products include AutoKeras, DataRobot, and dotData. As mentioned though, companies can get up and running with Cloud AutoML without deep experience and get to results.

Use Case

Cloud AutoML can be used to build models to help make predictions for different business needs and scenarios. Here is one example from a product company looking to compete with larger companies in its market.

California Design Den and Cloud AutoML

California Design Den, a small to medium e-commerce business that sells bedding products, needed to determine how to carry the right inventory in a way that would be available to customers in a timely fashion based on their preferences. Migrating to the Google Cloud Platform and leveraging Cloud AutoML, the company was able to get a much better understanding of how to manage and plan their inventory without having to hire a team of data science experts and get data on individual product performance.

Let us Help

What makes our team especially qualified? Ocius Technologies is experienced with Google Cloud Products and has been able to:
  • Contribute to development, documentation, and code samples for Cloud AutoML
  • Help you set up the technology to model different business scenarios
  • Integrate your machine learning tool with other technology for an overall solution