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Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Datastore


According to Google, Google denotes that Google Cloud Datastore a “highly scalable NoSQL database for your applications”. Datastore could help you by:

  • Providing high availability
  • Integrate with other Google Cloud services
  • Allowing options for automatic scaling
  • Incorporating multiple types of data

Some alternatives clients sometimes consider are DynamoDB, MongoDB, and Redis. However, Cloud Datastore.

Use Case

How could Cloud Datastore benefit your business? If you are looking to be able to use SQL-like queries, OLTP (Online Transactional Processing), and/or achieve atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) compliance, then Google Cloud Datastore could be the right solution for you.

Let us Help

At Ocius Technologies, we are experts at:
  • Contributing to development, documentation, and code samples for Google Cloud products
  • Using Google Cloud Datastore and other Google products to help you scale and organize your data
  • Implementing Google Cloud Datastore
  • Determining the best Google Cloud tools for your business
Google Cloud Datastore - Ocius Technologies