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Ocius Technologies Google Cloud BigQuery


Google Cloud BigQuery is a cloud data warehouse solution that does not require a server and is scalable for different business needs. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Scalability for organizations that need to increase capacity
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Exceptionally fast data analysis skills
  • Platform that offers security

Cloud BigQuery competitors include Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, and Snowflake; however, Cloud BigQuery is noted as having an easy process to load large amounts of data, and high performance.

Use Case

With Cloud BigQuery, you could migrate from an in-house, older data warehouse solution or from another cloud solution..

The Home Depot and Cloud BigQuery

The Home Depot needs to track information about so many things, including product availability, shipping, and skills customers care about learning. They were able to implement the Cloud BigQuery solution to analyze several petabytes of data and provide the necessary product information for stocking in-store and online.

Let us Help

What makes our team especially qualified? Ocius Technologies is experienced with Google Cloud Products and has been able to:
  • Sontribute to development, documentation, and code samples for Cloud BigQuery
  • Recommend and implement ways for you to store and analyze big data
  • Change technology setup with ease
Google Cloud BigQuery - Ocius Technologies