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Ocius Technologies Google Cloud Spanner


Google denotes that Google Cloud Spanner is fully managed relational database that is consistent with unlimited scale. Benefits include the ability to:

  • Deliver expected relational features, such as the ability to leverage SQL
  • Integrate with other Google Cloud services
  • Alleviate downtime concerns
  • Provide automatic sharding, making it easy to scale your database

Oracle and PostgreSQL are some alternatives that clients consider. However, Google Spanner has proven to be a better option because it integrates with Google Cloud tools and has excellent scalability and consistency.

Use Case

Cloud Spanner is noted as being best for large (over a terabyte or two) database applications. Here is a real-life example of how it helped an established company scale.

L.L. Bean and Cloud Spanner

As an over 100-year-old company, L.L. Bean needed to reassess long-standing IT systems (most of which had been physically on site) and come up with an efficient, affordable solution.

Google Cloud was able to help the company handle large amounts of information (such as inventory data) and provide the ability to scale when needed (for example, during the holiday rush), testing capacity in advance of peak seasons.

Let us Help

At Ocius, we have deep experience:

  • Working directly with Google by contributing to development, documentation, and code samples
  • leveraging Google Cloud Bigtable to save our clients time
  • Understanding clients’ unique data storage needs
  • Integrate with other Google Cloud services

Let us help you capture your data efficiently and effectively!