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Get POS Smart for your business today and learn to manage your administrative operations in an effortless manner!

Every business has a lot of administrative activities associated with it and these usually fall to the manager or the owner in cases of small and midsized businesses. These activities include monitoring access to data, monitoring employee productivity, looking out for errors and troubles, payroll processing and so on. Payroll processing is an additional burden for managers and owners and doing it at the right time and with proper care is essential for employee satisfaction. Using a payroll software solution is thus the best option in such cases and POS Smart offers easy and seamless payroll processing options amongst its other features.

POS Smart – the best payroll software for small businesses

Apart from its dynamic and powerful features for inventory, admin, finance and billing management, POS also offers payroll management options. Here are a few of the most important and interesting features that POS offers as a payroll software solution.

Customization of the employee payslips

You can make the payslips as comprehensive or concise as you want and we offer extensive customization of the payslips that provide the employee details such as identification number, name, hours clocked, special bonuses, etc. Not only can you keep track of all of this with our system, you can get the information printed on the payslips too in any design of your choice!

Summarized reports on staff productivity and staffing costs

Report generation is yet another aspect that makes POS Smart unique; you can generate reports that give out details of staff productivity, leaves, cost of staffing in any given period, monitor statutory pay, sick pay, annual leaves, etc. and so on. These are immensely helpful when it comes to administrative decisions.

Handling incentives and bonuses

Identifying the star performer in a week, month or any given time frame is easy with our payroll software solution and adding incentives and bonuses to the payslips every month as per set guidelines is very much possible and fairly easy with such a system!

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