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If you have to deliver goods to the customer from different counters/ locations depending upon the nature of the item, yet you want to maintain single cash/ billing counter, this feature will be useful for you. You can print KOTs for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network.

POS smart allows you to add more than one network printer interface for printing KOT in respective kitchen / counters. There are times when you your customer’s keep adding more items to their Invoice and need a print every time. POS smart allows you to print KOTs for incomplete Invoices. You can print several slips from a single sales invoice.

Kitchen order token can also be thought as work order token. Though it is widely used in kitchen activities and restaurant s, you can use this document for other work order queries example: packaging, dispatching, customization etc.

KOT is a complete document in itself with its own document number and creation date. Document number of KOT can have different series of numbers based on different types of services. This will help you manage your order tokens.

There are additional convenience features with respect to KOT:

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