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Worried about managing your inventory? Get POS Smart, the best inventory management software there is and run your business in a smooth and hassle free manner!
Why POS Smart is right for your business?

POS provides complete Stock and inventory management for all your products. Here’s why you should opt for POS Smart.

How to transfer stock using POS Smart?

POS’s stock management software suite allows our users to manage their stock in different godowns and easily transfer stock from one godown to another. Here are a few interesting features that have proven to be very helpful for various retail businesses.

How to correct stock entries using POS?

Stock correction is another important feature that many businesses demand for managing stock. Here’s how you can correct stock entries using POS Smart.

Handling of Dump Stock

Customers who sell fresh produce like dairy products, fresh fruits/ vegetables require management of their dump stock and POS’s stock management software solution helps them handle it in the following manner.

Maintain your Deleted Invoice Item Stock

Sometimes, it is necessary to fix data entry errors by deleting invoices. POS gives you the ability to specify which godown should hold the stock of items that were part of deleted invoices.

Handling Franchise Store

Handling franchise stores too is now possible with POS’ stock management software. This helps in reducing data entry issues at the franchise outlets.

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