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Cash Register

Cash register is one of the core components in managing point of sale. POS allows great many numbers of features when it comes to management of cash register.

In POS cash register can be attached to a physical cash register, a terminal or it can be attached to a specific login ID.

Terminal Cash Register

Terminal cash register remains associated with a specific computer or terminal irrespective of which user logs into that computer / terminal whereas if a login ID has an attached user cash register that cash register will move to different terminals with that specific login ID.

When Login ID has specific cash register attached, the attached cash register will always be the selected cash register for the login ID irrespective of which terminal or computer that user is using.

When should you use Terminal or User cash register?

Note: It is strongly suggested that you should use terminal cash register if you are using synchronization service with disconnected terminal.

Cash Register Session
Cash Transfer

There are number of check points that will validate money hand over procedures.

There are times when actual amounts in cash register may not exactly match to amounts reported by POS due to various reasons like mistakes in cash handling by the operator. POS provides a specialize cash register to manage and keep record of such discrepancy. This specialized cash register is called adjustment cash register and is solely used for the purpose of removing the discrepancies while keeping the records and brining the data and physical cash register back into equilibrium.

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