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This is a very powerful feature in POS which allows you to maintain the stock of the items in different batches. Depending upon your business needs, it can be used in the following situations:

Used Case 1: To handle price fluctuations of the item.

Sometimes in your business the prices of the items goes up and down but you want to maintain the stock of the items based on their prices. POS smart allows you to manage these situations easily by creating a batch for every price change. At any point of time you can view the stock of individual batch or cumulative batches. It also provides information of the batch(es) while selling the items so that the sales person can select the batch that is belonging to a specific price.

Used Case 2: To handle expiry dates of the item.

In some business items do have expiry dates and once it gets expired they cannot be sold. Every shop owner wants to sell out the stock of the items before they are getting expired. In such situations batch functionality plays a crucial role for your business. It has been designed using an intelligent algorithm which allows you to sale the items on first-in-first-out basis or sale earliest-expiry-date-first basis.

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